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Ferrari scares fans 4-cylinder engine. But it’s not so scary!

“Is downsizing has come to the Scuderia?!” — cried the fans of the brand Ferrari saw the news about patented naduvnoj the Quartet. Unfortunately or fortunately, but we still don’t know what the Italian engineers had patented the unusual unit — maybe it will be a “heart” for reincarnated Dino may prescribe under the hood, a new Maserati or Alfa Romeo, maybe this is an engineering exercise without any industrial prospects. But the idea is interesting.

Ferrari scares fans 4-cylinder engine. But it's not so scary!

Mounted in the exhaust manifold, the impeller spins the generator and that generates electricity and stores it in the battery. The energy is then used for traction motor and to drive the second impeller (compressor) installed in the intake manifold. The lack of a rigid connection between the two impellers allows you to smoothly adjust the exhaust back pressure and thus get rid of the effect plugged the pharynx, common to all turbo engines, that is the Ferrari engine will sing! The electrical component of the system completely eliminates turbojam, so you can expect a strong acceleration throughout the Rev range.

Ferrari scares fans 4-cylinder engine. But it's not so scary!Model Dino 206 GT of the late ’60s was powered by a 2.0-liter V6 160 HP Model Dino 206 GT of the late’ 60s was powered by a 2.0-liter V6 160 HP

Extra bonus — excellent environmental performance and economy. But only 4 cylinder… budget For the previous conditional models Dino Ferrari did a 2.0-liter engine, but those were at least 6 cylinders, but the “Quartet” on the serial Ferrari had never used. However, it may not be.

  • If future 4-cylinder Ferrari engine is open to question, it is the first crossover of the Scuderia will certainly release.

Photo: Ferrari

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