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Walked out to the car, but it is not. What to do?

Walked out to the car, but it is not. What to do?

In such a situation, sooner or later, may be one of us. Imagine you come out of a Mall or a café and not find his car where he had left her an hour earlier. Rises to the throat com, the legs become wobbly, and the brain randomly goes through the options for further action. What to do? Who do I call?

The first thing you need to calm down and temporarily discard the worst option. Yes, your car could have been stolen, but in most cases everything is much more prosaic. Inspect the Parking spot: if you find that you did not notice the sign or markings prohibiting the Parking lot, took a handicapped spot, or parked on a pedestrian crossing — to look for the car you have pulled away.

Make sure that the car is really evacuated the city, in several ways: call in duty of the traffic police on number 112; in Moscow call the hotline of the Moscow Parking space to number 8 (495) 539-54-54 or 3210 (free mobile calls) or by sending an SMS with the text “EV license plate TC” to the number 7377.

To avoid unnecessary troubles, develop the habit to carry the documents with you. If paper is left in the glove box, you will have to bring them to the impound lot, then go to the Department of traffic police/MADI (it can be on the other side of town) for a Protocol violation, and only after that you can return to the Parking lot to pick up the car.

The cost of evacuation depends on the category of vehicle, and engine power. For the owner of the car power up to 80 HP such “transfer” will cost 3000 rubles, the owners of oversized equipment can give 29 000. However, for those who have decided to pay the fine and the evacuation on the spot, a discount of 25%. If this is not possible, you can make money within 60 days, but in full.

Now let’s back up a little bit and consider the following situation: you visited the Parking spot and are absolutely sure that the rules are not violated. Should we just grab the heart, call in insurance and to go to the authorities to write a statement about the theft? Not always.

There are cases when the traffic police/MADI move legally parked cars on neighboring streets. This usually occurs in the center of the city, when clearing the Parking lot in front of some office, where must pass a mass event. The car can move for renovations. On the eve of may 9, my friend’s car was taken from Novy Arbat to the waterfront of Taras Shevchenko, because of the parade rehearsal.

About the legality of this method is debatable, but, as a rule, the owners who found their cars in the surrounding streets, you feel euphoric and lost all the brakes. Make sure that your “swallow”, “pereprobovali”, the hotline Administrator of the Moscow Parking space 8 (495) 539-54-54 or 3210 (mobile).

And another thing: do not agree to the proposals of the local vultures-taxi drivers promising to take you to the car. For a trip to a few kilometers, they may require a few thousand. However, with the right mood they can be taught a lesson. My buddy (the one with the Arbat) arrived with the same taxi driver to the embankment of Taras Shevchenko, saying: “why are You telling me, there is my car?!” — left greedy the driver adequate three hundred rubles.

There is another option that needs to be checked before you call the police about the theft. Make sure that the car could not take someone from your family having a second set of keys. This is a rare situation, but it can be real, if you, for example, quarrel with spouse. Or another option: you have cynical friends with a specific sense of humor, able to “wrap” the disappearance of the machine in the “nice joke”.

And only if none of the above options did not materialize, it is necessary to call the police and write a statement about the theft. This is a very unfortunate situation, but the chances of finding a car is always there. How to increase them, you can tell quite a long time. However, that’s another story.

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