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Atelier AC Schnitzer has presented sportpaket BMW i8 Roadster

Atelier AC Schnitzer has presented sportpaket BMW i8 Roadster

Leonid Popov

1 day ago. Photos: AC Schnitzer

The passport parameters of the Roadster could almost not change (numbers Bureau does not), but on the road, the i8 will bypass the serial counterparts due to the lower mass and retuned the chassis. This principle, called the Bureau Innovation 2.0.

Atelier AC Schnitzer has presented sportpaket BMW i8 Roadster

Leonid Popov

1 day ago. Photos: AC Schnitzer

The passport parameters of the Roadster could almost not change (numbers Bureau does not), but on the road, the i8 will bypass the serial counterparts due to the lower mass and retuned the chassis. This principle, called the Bureau Innovation 2.0.

Hybrid family BMW i8 — it’s more about technology, fashion and style, rather than about sport, despite all the spectacular view. But in the Studio AC Schnitzer think that buyers of such cars can make interesting offer. Last year, the Bureau worked on the coupe, and even put him on the Nordschleife. No matter what time of 8:19.8, only slightly better than the figure eight Camaro SS of the previous generation. The standard i8 is even slower. And now the experts from Aachen have turned their attention to i8 Roadster.

Atelier AC Schnitzer has presented sportpaket BMW i8 Roadster

New components for bodywork Atelier made of carbon fiber. This applies not only to the wing or splitter, but also mirrors, frames, hidden door handle, door sill. Still offered several different decorative radiator grilles to choose from.

The reason to work with an open version was a long time coming. Since the experience with the i8 coupe, the family survived the upgrade. Among other things, the engineers have slightly increased the capacity of the hybrid system (now it is hidden 374 “horse” against 362 before the reform). Atelier AC Schnitzer to interfere in the settings of the units did not. So, it is unlikely to disperse hundreds changed any tangible (the source was 4.6 C). The Bureau prepared a new draft on the proven recipe.

Atelier AC Schnitzer has presented sportpaket BMW i8 Roadster

The aesthetics of the lame places, but the Studio assures that there is form follows function and all the aerodynamic components really work.

The first step is lowering the suspension front and rear 20-25 mm. the Second step is AC1 wheels with a diameter of 21 inches (black or two-tone), giving a saving in weight of 4.4 kg. It is a bit for the whole machine as a whole, but the savings account for unsprung weight, and rotating — in movement can be felt. Third — aerodynamic components. Changes on the outside is complemented by a proprietary velour floor mats, aluminum pedal caps and original cover of the iDrive controller. And now the Roadster sparkle with new colors.


New Subaru Forester has become a hybrid of

New Subaru Forester has become a hybrid of

Company Subaru introduced a hybrid modification crossover Forester of the fifth generation. The technology, dubbed e-Boxer, debuted in the Japanese market.

The hybrid power plant is built on the basis of a two-liter of oppozitnik, which was seriously upgraded: there were direct fuel injection and increased compression ratio. The capacity of the unit fell from 150 (198 Nm at 4200 rpm) to 145 (188 Nm at 4,000 rpm) horsepower.

The used units also include the 13.6-horsepower electric motor, the blocks of lithium-ion batteries with a capacity of 4.8 amp-hours and CVT. Average fuel consumption in the hybrid modification of the “Forester” is 7.1 liters per hundred kilometers.

In Japan a hybrid version of the model will be offered in only one configuration. Normal petrol cars can be ordered in one of three versions, including “sport” X-Break with black wheels and red accents on the body.

The new Forester introduced in March. The model is moved on a modular platform, got changed appearance and a new 2.5-liter “oppozitnik”, as well as upgraded interior.

In Russia the model of the previous generation is 1 699 000 rubles.

Mercedes-Maybach GLS concept due at Beijing motor show

Mercedes-Maybach is preparing to extend its line-up beyond the S-Class with a plush range-topping version of the upcoming third-generation GLS (formerly GL), and it will be preview the ultra-luxurious 4×4 later this month with a concept car.

Maybach is considered an important brand for Mercedes to develop given the rising demand for luxury models, particularly in the SUV sector, with rivals such as Bentley and Land Rover having notable success with the Bentayga and Range Rover respectively.

Mercedes has also seen strong growth of its AMG performance arm, which achieved 131,970 sales in 2017, and it would like to emulate this success with Maybach on a smaller but still profitable scale.

The new SUV, which was first reported to be on the cards by Autocar in 2016, is set to make its debut as a lightly veiled concept car at the Beijing motor show. A new preview video (below) shows some of the concept’s extravagant design features.

The Mercedes-Maybach GLS will then be revealed in production form at the Los Angeles motor show in November. The car is tipped to be priced above £120,000 when sales begin in 2019.

The model will build on initiatives taken with the two-year-old Mercedes-Maybach S-Class (below).

It will share the same basic aluminium-and-steel bodyshell and advanced four-wheel- drive underpinnings as the regular GLS. However, its upmarket positioning will be justified by a series of subtle exterior design tweaks and a significantly more luxurious interior.

Insiders involved in the development of the forthcoming concept car, known internally as the Maybach 9, say it will not only preview the look of the SUV, with a bold new grille among the key elements, but also highlight the kind of high-end features, including autonomous driving functions, due to be offered.

Mercedes-Maybach GLS concept due at Beijing motor show

A high-level Mercedes official told Autocar: “We have been quietly surprised by the sales success of the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class, which is proving extremely popular in many key markets. The plan now is to extend the exclusivity surrounding the Maybach name into the upper end of the SUV segment. We’re confident that this new model will leave little to be desired in terms of luxury.”

The basis for the new GLS is Mercedes-Benz’s MHA (Modular High Architecture) platform. A development of the existing MRA platform, it is intended to underpin a series of new models, including the new GLE and GLE Coupé.

It provides a significant reduction in kerb weight, the capability to support a 48V electrical architecture and the very latest in radar, camera and sensor-supported driving functions.

The Mercedes-Maybach GLS, which could be called the GLS 560, is likely to be offered exclusively with the AMG-developed M177 V8 petrol engine. In the recently launched S560, this twin-turbocharged 4.0-litre V8 produces 462bhp.

The new engine, which features a cylinder shutdown function for added fuel savings in city driving, will replace the twin-turbocharged 4.7-litre V8 used by today’s Mercedes-Benz GLS 500.

Also under discussion for the Mercedes-Maybach SUV is the plug-in petrol-electric drivetrain recently unveiled in the Mercedes-Benz S560e. This combines Mercedes’ new turbocharged and electronically supercharged 3.0-litre in-line six-cylinder petrol engine, developing 362bhp, with a 121bhp electric motor and a lithium ion battery. It’s said to offer a pure-electric range of up to 31 miles.

The next GLS will be produced exclusively at Mercedes’ Tuscaloosa plant in Alabama, US, making the luxury SUV the first Maybach model to be produced stateside.

As well as providing competition to the Bentayga, the luxury GLS has also been conceived as a rival to the likes of the Rolls-Royce Cullinan and Range Rover SVAutobiography.

What the Maybach GLS must beat: 

Bentley Bentayga:

Bentley got there first with its Bentayga, which has been a major lifeline for the brand. A 4.0-litre V8 diesel has gone down well alongside the W12 and a plug-in hybrid is also now available.

Rolls-Royce Cullinan:

The Cullinan will arrive this year. Rolls-Royce’s first four-wheel drive shares its architecture and 6.75-litre V12 with the new Phantom.

Lamborghini Urus:

The 641bhp Urus is expected to double Lamborghini’s sales to 7000. The model can achieve 0-62mph in 3.6sec.

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Then & Now: Ferrari F355

The Ferrari F355 on sale in 1998 was a major part of the lineup from 1995 to 1998. It replaced the 348 as the mid-engine V8 model, and it was the last Ferrari to offer manual steering. Automotive technology was advancing by leaps and bounds, so 1997 saw the first F1 single-clutch automatic transmission. The engine was a mechanical wonder, is the first use of 5-valve cylinder heads. Titanium rods pushed the compression ratio to 11:1, and all models featured dry-sump oiling.

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Check Out the Ferrari F355 Specs

The last Ferrari to use a steel frame, the suspension was mounted to a tubular steel frame that was welded to the unibody. Other neat features are that the Connolly leather seats are not equal on the car’s centerline. The driver’s seat is placed closer to the center of the car. This eliminates g-forces on the body while the passenger is subjected to a wild ride. Nothing else looks like it because it is the last Ferrari to have a flying buttress quarter-window. The convertible was the F355 Spider, and it started at $137,000

Then & Now: Ferrari F355

What began as the F355 coupe spawned a series of successful offspring. The coupe had a solid roof, while the F355 Berlinetta had a removable targa top. Both had a starting price of $130,000, which is just over $214,000 today. So let’s take a trip back to 1998. Two decades ago, Titanic won best picture and terrorism was over with. The Unabomberand the world trade center bomber were convicted, so people spent big money on fast cars.

Then & Now: Ferrari F355

These cars are just two examples from our August ’98 issue. Looking back through these late 90’s issues, it is weird to see which dealers embraced the internet and those who are no longer around. We were the first online resource for exotic cars for sale, and we’re still #1.

Then & Now: Ferrari F355

All self-promotion aside, if you are a child of the 90s, you need something tangible from that decade to remind you how far Ferrari has evolved. Enzo would have been 100 years old in February of 1998, so let’s see what his legacy has to offer:

1998 F355 Spider

Then & Now: Ferrari F355


View Listing

1998 F355 Targa

Then & Now: Ferrari F355

$79,500 OBO

View Listing

We have many examples of this great Ferrari to choose from, so click the links above and get lost in the 90’s. Tell us your favorite 90’s Ferrari in the comments below and stay with for more Then Now throwbacks.

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In the Belgian garage found one of the rare “Jaguars”

In the Belgian garage found one of the rare "Jaguars"
Specialists from the ah Bonhams found wgarage deceased Belgian collector of classic cars unique Jaguar XK140 Kosovom the job of Giovanni Michelotti. It’s believed total was launched two, high tritici vehicle. Found among stagerage cars likewise incorporate Ferrari 308GT4, Jaguar E-type Series Ydna of ismodule Wolseley, writes AutoClassics.

Found a Jaguar XK140— ecoastal the amount of the chassis “S814286”. Coupe was initially colored kremowy color, were built with a hard roof otdeleny two shades of blue salon. В1957 year, the vehicle hit avariy, then empotrables complete substitute from the body.

Based on historic records, the vehicle received a brand new body в1960 или1961 year. Additionally, eienstine the cylinder mind isakovym exhaust organichnogo Jaguar S-Type.

Later dvuhdverka was britanskogo seller of classic cars of Stephen Langton, the person who offered collektionera unique “Jaguar” Rolando Urbano. The final owner, a Belgian collector Mr. Saens— acquired the coupe in 1999. Onlinereal to revive the vehicle, doskonalsi before calmasino started to organize pokraska.

Jaguar will put noauction, Monaco 13маятекущего. Sanego intend to gain от10до20тысяч Euro (740тысяч— 1.5 million).

Formerly water spojenych garages of Manhattan, the proprietors of the organization LBILimited specializing naprodu of vintage cars found vintage cars, tamaklo was for 4 decades. Probably the most unique finding was the Delahaye Cabriolet 1948 sushestvuyet edinstvennom instance your body отVesters Neirinck.