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Pagani Zonda turned into an art car

Pagani Zonda turned into an art car

Turin Foglizzo factory specializing in leather, have presented the art car Pagani Zonda. The car body is hand painted by Saudi artist Shalimar Sharbatly and is intended to demonstrate a wide range of colors available for customers Foglizzo.

For each part of the body Sharbatli used a variety of colors. Ahead is dominated by the combination of blue and green with small splashes of purple, driver side — more cool shades, the passenger warm. In the rear are mixed, all the previously used colors.

Your work Sharbatli calls “Moving art”: she takes everyday objects and paints them to create in the viewer a certain mood. Previously the artist painted a Porsche, which was exhibited in the Louvre.

The production of Pagani Zonda has been discontinued in 2013, but the company still produces luxury cars on special orders. The last special version of the model was the machine called No.33. Ordered one of the customers of the Russian tuning Studio TopCar.

Supercar, made in the style of Zonda HP Barchetta will get streaked body of carbon fiber, decorative elements of interior carbon fiber and wood.