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In the picture: Formula E-racer Porsche

Finish of 2019 around the circuit


In the picture: Formula E-racer Porsche
In the picture: Formula E-racer Porsche

Formerly, Porsche stated it might leave Le Mans racing to deposit on Formula E. Today more details concerning the Formula E participation of the trademark originates out.

Porsche reports the FIA (Fdration Internationale de l’Automobile) has approved its application like a manufacturer to get familiar with the Formula E championship. Porsche states that it may now still develop its very own electric powertrain for that racer. Prior to the technique produced by Porsche may be used, it should be homologated the coming year. The chassis and battery are created available by Formula E. Other drive components should be developed themselves.

Porsche will have fun playing the sixth Formula E championship in the finish of 2019. Andreas Seidel, under whose leadership the 919 Hybrid (Le Mans) came to exist, is accountable to add mass to Porsches Formula E program.

Porsche states that it is participation in Formula E coincides using the market launch from the final Mission E, the very first fully electric vehicle of the trademark.

The amount of teams taking part in Formula E has lately expanded significantly. Ten teams took part in racing cars from eight manufacturers within the 2015-2016 racing season. For instance, NextEV, Citron, Venturi, Renault, Motormatica, Abt Sportsline, Mahindra and McLaren built Formula E-racers. Throughout the previous racing season, Citron and Penske were the newcomers to look at, and this past year Nissan also announced they would have fun playing the championship.