Only the best reviews from the world! stopped work in the Crimea stopped work in the Crimea stopped work in the Crimea

The management of the website turned off the Crimean Peninsula from the reservation system of hotels because of anti-Russian sanctions. When you try to reserve a room, you receive the following message: “sorry, currently our website is not possible to book accommodation in Crimea to rest.”

According to the owners of the hotels in Peninsula, they got a message that said that is a Dutch website, and the user is obliged to comply with European laws, and to support sanctions against Russia, for this reason, work with the Crimean hotels will be suspended.

Moreover, currently the website has already stopped collecting reviews and testimonials from guests. At the same time, those who go to the Crimea on a business trip, you can still reserve rooms through this portal. is a large Internet resource where you can zarezervirovat Villa, house and room in a hotel or hostel in 227 countries around the world. The site was established in 1996 in Amsterdam. Currently, it is available for booking nearly 2 million objects.

Media reported earlier that the head of the group of companies “travel service” Sergey Voitovich has addressed the Russian Ministry of culture with the request to include the portal in the package counter.


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VIDEO: Part two of Harry Metcalfe’s Rolls Royce Silver Shadow adventure

We recently learned of Harry Metcalfe’s journey to the Arctic Circle in his 1969 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow, a car that isn’t typically associated with sub-zero adventures. However, despite it being a 49 year old British luxury car, from an era when British luxury cars weren’t the most reliable, it held up beautifully. With only some very minor tweaks necessary to keep it running in tundra-like conditions, the Roller was surprisingly reliable.

In this second part of his adventure to the Arctic Circle, Metcalfe hunts down the famous Northern Lights, one of the most stunning and beautiful natural occurrences in the world.

The scenery at the most northern parts of Norway is absolutely gorgeous. It’s the sort of thing that takes your breath away, with snow-capped mountains, old picturesque towns and frozen lakes. And, according to Metcalfe, the Rolls Royce Silver Shadow is the perfect car for it. Norway seems to have pretty strict speed limits, with the highest legal speed you’ll find on most roads being around 80 km/h (about 50 mph). So the Silver Shadow is perfect for it, as it’s not very fast but it’s very good at just wafting along at sane speeds and allowing the scenery to come to you, in a quite, comfortable and classy cabin.

VIDEO: Part two of Harry Metcalfe’s Rolls Royce Silver Shadow adventure

When he finally gets to the Northern Lights, the photographer he hired takes some amazing photos. There are a couple of the Rolls Royce in the middle of the road with the stunning green glow above it. It must have been breathtaking in reality, both seeing such a stunning sight and experiencing the climax of that journey. What an adventure.

It’s also not the sort of thing anyone would ever do, and it may be the first time anyone’s ever done it, in a Rolls Royce Silver Shadow. So kudos to Harry Metcalfe for having the courage to take such a car there and showing it to us all.

Patrol Car With 'PoPo' Decal Proves The Police Has A Sense Of Humor

Patrol Car With 'PoPo' Decal Proves The Police Has A Sense Of Humor

Who said cops couldn’t be funny?

Police officers go by a lot of names: the fuzz, five-o, heat – or if you’re a 1920’s New York gangster – coppers. But one local Michigan police force has taken one of its creative calling cards in stride. Bath Township Police has ditched the typical "Police" livery on one of their Chevy Tahoe PPVs in place of a more casual "PoPo" designation "in an attempt to be more relatable to the local youths," the department says jokingly.

It all started simply enough. Officer Michael Lapham was messing around with Microsoft Paint, and grafted the term "PoPo" onto the side of his yet-to-be-liveried Tahoe PPV. When the department shared the image of the shopped SUV on their Facebook page last week – which has more than 30,000 followers – it went viral on social media and on the nationwide news circuit.


Speaking to the Detroit Free Press, the township’s public information officer, Avery Lyon, said that "our philosophy is to just humanize us and let people know we like to have fun." In this case, we’d say it worked; to date, the image has been shared more than 7,800 times, and has racked up more than 800 comments on Facebook – some positive and negative.

But this isn’t the first time we’ve seen local police departments attempting to connect with the youths. Back in October, cops in the U.K. played Gran Turismo for extra driver training. And prior to that, California cops added a 730-horsepower (544-kilowatt) Saleen Mustang to its fleet. The high-powered muscle car was used for community outreach almost exclusively, for what it’s worth.

While this PoPo-liveried PPV may just be a quick photoshop (for now), who knows that the Bath Township Police department has in store for their next hashtag youth interaction.

Source: Bath Township Police / Facebook via Fox News

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How Did This Engine Survive a Broken Timing Belt?

Dear Car Talk:

I had a 1991 Civic. At 105,000 miles, the timing belt broke while we were driving. I pulled off to the side of the road — the cold, dark, middle-of-nowhere, Indiana road — and just to make sure to do the worst thing I possibly could do, I then cranked the engine. Everyone said that if the valves weren’t ruined right when the belt broke, I definitely ruined them by cranking the engine. I happened to find a mechanic who agreed to put on a new belt and just try and see if it would work. It worked fine, and lasted another 125,000 miles.

But why did it work? Everything I’ve read and everyone I’ve talked to has said that this car had an interference engine. But it survived a broken timing belt and worked fine (until it was destroyed by a Jeep, but that’s another story). Can you explain this miracle? — David Luck.

How Did This Engine Survive a Broken Timing Belt?

You should have run right out and bought a lottery ticket after the Civic started, David.

I’d say in 95 percent of cases, when a timing belt breaks on a car with an interference engine (where the valves and pistons can collide if things go wrong), at least one of the valves gets crushed, and you end up having to rebuild the entire cylinder head.

But in order for that to happen, one of the valves has to be pretty much all the way open inside the cylinder when the belt breaks, so a rising piston can crush it.

And in about 5 percent of cases, the belt just happens to break during one of those few nanoseconds when none of the valves is fully opened. So you just completely lucked out in terms of where the valves were positioned at the moment the belt broke.

And your mechanic did absolutely the right thing. You might as well put on a new belt and try it. Even though there’s only a small chance that the engine survived, a belt costs just a few bucks and takes an hour or so to install. If the car starts, you’d be the happiest guy in middle-of-nowhere Indiana that day. And if it doesn’t work, you already have your new belt ready for when you finish rebuilding the cylinder head.

As my late brother would have said: You must have lived a good, clean life up to that point, David. As to what you were up to when the Jeep hit you, I guess that’ll have to remain a mystery.

Seat Leon Cupra R 2018 UK review

What exactly is it?

This is actually the features, top dog from the Seat Leon range – probably the most effective, most focused and many extreme variant from the brand’s Ford Focus rival. It comes down outfitted with similar turbocharged 2.-litre engine because the supercar-aping Volkswagen Golf R, too as lots of performance hardware to create a base-level Porsche Cayman seem under-gunned.

We first drove it in The country late this past year and were astounded by its eye-widening mix-country pace and quickened responses. However, with all of 24 United kingdom-bound types of the model offered out, we have our very first time in a single on British roads to actually test how adding unique adaptive dampers and a few pretty extreme (by production vehicle standards) negative camber affect its real-world performance.

The car’s engine produces 306bhp, like the Golf R, but there’s no Haldex clutch to juggle power between your front and back axles here, because drive is distributed solely towards the front wheels. Torque is controlled with an electronic locking differential that’s taken straight from the Cupra 300.

Seat Leon Cupra R 2018 UK review

What’s it like?

Indicate point, even on the bumpy British B-road, the Leon Cupra R could make ground as quickly as other things with seatbelts along with a horn. It doesn’t chew in to the tarmac under turn on corner exits just like a Golf R – with two-wheel drive, obviously it can’t – however the front wheels grip the top with your fantastic amounts of traction the Cupra R’s rampant powertrain could be exploited with enthusiasm.

Frequently, focused hot hatches can seem to be excessively harsh and brittle on Britain’s busy road surfaces. However the Cupra R, using its distinctively tuned suspension, will a fine job of dissolving the vibrations generated by creases within the tarmac. It’s firm, particularly at low pace, however the faster you decide to go the greater effectively the vehicle glides over ridges within the road. That being stated, it’s not really forgiving like a Golf R, but to become fair, that was to become expected.

The Cupra R is extremely clearly more worried about being driven like your hair’s burning, so charge right into a corner on the trailed throttle and also the front finish will respond eagerly. The additional negative camber (it’s been almost bending) enables the vehicle to actually lean into its front tyres (our vehicle came with optional Michelin Cup Sport 2 tyres as opposed to the standard Continental SportContact6s), encouraging the rear-finish to in excess of-rotate a couple of levels. It’s less laugh-out-loud mobile because the Honda Social Type R or Renault Sport Mgane (which advantages of four-wheel steering), but it provides the vehicle a far more loutish demeanour.

That’s matched through the engine’s tone, which sounds more aggressive compared to Golf R’s because of a less restrictive (when it comes to volume) exhaust that beguiles with pops and crackles off throttle once the car’s set to the top Cupra mode – that is new for that R. Much more satisfying may be the snort of overrun whenever you pull for any quick upshift with the car’s tightly gaited six-speed gear box. United kingdom buyers aren’t offered a dual-clutch automatic like other markets, but our experience suggests the Cupra is even more rewarding for this.

Dial things in comfort mode and also the Cupra R is really as supple like a warm hatch so that as docile like a mid-spec diesel, even though it never completely winds to exactly the same extent because the Golf R. The blip of throttle on start-up is a continuing indication you’re within the hottest Leon to create production yet.

Must I purchase one?

The question ought to be preceded by ‘Can I purchase one?’ because, unless of course you’re among the 24 Brits or 775 individuals from other markets who’ve already purchased it, you’ll have to hang about until the very first Cupra R arrives at the 2nd-hands sell to bag one.

Even though you could purchase one, you may have a problem justifying the cost because, as exciting because it is, you’re parting with 34,995 for any Leon. Take into account that the just as fast and more playful Social Type R is 4000 cheaper, as the RS Mgane, which on first impressions may be the Social Type R’s greatest threat, is anticipated to become almost 6000 less, which figure only appears bigger.

On the other hand, possibly that’s missing the purpose. The Cupra R is neither probably the most extreme nor diversely gifted from the class, but it’s an explosive model for Seat aficionados and you’d be difficult-pressed to locate certainly one of individuals not amazed by its performance.

Where Surrey On purchase Offered out Cost 34,995 Engine 4 cyls, 1984cc, turbocharged, gas Power 306bhp at 5800-6500rpm Torque 280lb foot at 1800-5700rpm Gear box 6-spd manual Kerb weight 1453kg Top speed 155mph -62mph 5.8sec Gas mileage 38.7mpg CO2 170g/km Rivals Honda Social Type R, Renault Mgane Renault Sport 280

Seat Leon Cupra R 2018 UK review