Only the best reviews from the world! stopped work in the Crimea stopped work in the Crimea stopped work in the Crimea

The management of the website turned off the Crimean Peninsula from the reservation system of hotels because of anti-Russian sanctions. When you try to reserve a room, you receive the following message: “sorry, currently our website is not possible to book accommodation in Crimea to rest.”

According to the owners of the hotels in Peninsula, they got a message that said that is a Dutch website, and the user is obliged to comply with European laws, and to support sanctions against Russia, for this reason, work with the Crimean hotels will be suspended.

Moreover, currently the website has already stopped collecting reviews and testimonials from guests. At the same time, those who go to the Crimea on a business trip, you can still reserve rooms through this portal. is a large Internet resource where you can zarezervirovat Villa, house and room in a hotel or hostel in 227 countries around the world. The site was established in 1996 in Amsterdam. Currently, it is available for booking nearly 2 million objects.

Media reported earlier that the head of the group of companies “travel service” Sergey Voitovich has addressed the Russian Ministry of culture with the request to include the portal in the package counter.


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PSV will drive Alfa Romeo

90 Alfa’s to Eindhoven


Players and employees from the Eindhoven soccer club PSV Alfa Romeo will drive the following 3 years. Driessen Autogroep supplies 90 cars towards the club.

From pick up it’s a coming on and on of Alfa Romeo’s round the Eindhoven Philips stadium. Players and employees of PSV drive in cars of this brand not less than 3 years. The Driessen Autogroep, among the largest vehicle companies underneath the major rivers, has arrived at a contract with PSV. With this particular, the Alfa’s Mercedes-Benz unload within the Eindhoven football scene.

Director Franois Driessen calls the agreement may well choice: I was contacted like a dealer group by PSV and inside our brand portfolio we found Alfa Romeo because the sporting brand the very best fit for PSV. The cooperation between Driessen and PSV isn’t the first. Formerly, they delivered Opels towards the club for twelve years. I’ve already became a member of PSV for 42 years, adds Franois Driessen.

The 90 cars include all mixers Alfa Romeo presently carries: Mito, Giulietta, Giulia and Stelvio and are available right into a lease construction of Driessen Autolease.