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Walked out to the car, but it is not. What to do?

Walked out to the car, but it is not. What to do?

In such a situation, sooner or later, may be one of us. Imagine you come out of a Mall or a café and not find his car where he had left her an hour earlier. Rises to the throat com, the legs become wobbly, and the brain randomly goes through the options for further action. What to do? Who do I call?

The first thing you need to calm down and temporarily discard the worst option. Yes, your car could have been stolen, but in most cases everything is much more prosaic. Inspect the Parking spot: if you find that you did not notice the sign or markings prohibiting the Parking lot, took a handicapped spot, or parked on a pedestrian crossing — to look for the car you have pulled away.

Make sure that the car is really evacuated the city, in several ways: call in duty of the traffic police on number 112; in Moscow call the hotline of the Moscow Parking space to number 8 (495) 539-54-54 or 3210 (free mobile calls) or by sending an SMS with the text “EV license plate TC” to the number 7377.

To avoid unnecessary troubles, develop the habit to carry the documents with you. If paper is left in the glove box, you will have to bring them to the impound lot, then go to the Department of traffic police/MADI (it can be on the other side of town) for a Protocol violation, and only after that you can return to the Parking lot to pick up the car.

The cost of evacuation depends on the category of vehicle, and engine power. For the owner of the car power up to 80 HP such “transfer” will cost 3000 rubles, the owners of oversized equipment can give 29 000. However, for those who have decided to pay the fine and the evacuation on the spot, a discount of 25%. If this is not possible, you can make money within 60 days, but in full.

Now let’s back up a little bit and consider the following situation: you visited the Parking spot and are absolutely sure that the rules are not violated. Should we just grab the heart, call in insurance and to go to the authorities to write a statement about the theft? Not always.

There are cases when the traffic police/MADI move legally parked cars on neighboring streets. This usually occurs in the center of the city, when clearing the Parking lot in front of some office, where must pass a mass event. The car can move for renovations. On the eve of may 9, my friend’s car was taken from Novy Arbat to the waterfront of Taras Shevchenko, because of the parade rehearsal.

About the legality of this method is debatable, but, as a rule, the owners who found their cars in the surrounding streets, you feel euphoric and lost all the brakes. Make sure that your “swallow”, “pereprobovali”, the hotline Administrator of the Moscow Parking space 8 (495) 539-54-54 or 3210 (mobile).

And another thing: do not agree to the proposals of the local vultures-taxi drivers promising to take you to the car. For a trip to a few kilometers, they may require a few thousand. However, with the right mood they can be taught a lesson. My buddy (the one with the Arbat) arrived with the same taxi driver to the embankment of Taras Shevchenko, saying: “why are You telling me, there is my car?!” — left greedy the driver adequate three hundred rubles.

There is another option that needs to be checked before you call the police about the theft. Make sure that the car could not take someone from your family having a second set of keys. This is a rare situation, but it can be real, if you, for example, quarrel with spouse. Or another option: you have cynical friends with a specific sense of humor, able to “wrap” the disappearance of the machine in the “nice joke”.

And only if none of the above options did not materialize, it is necessary to call the police and write a statement about the theft. This is a very unfortunate situation, but the chances of finding a car is always there. How to increase them, you can tell quite a long time. However, that’s another story.

Drones in the law: Medvedev promised to resolve the issue

Drones in the law: Medvedev promised to resolve the issue

Cars with Autonomous driving systems, not to mention completely unmanned, it is still “illegal” around the world. Even for their tests required engineers in the vehicle and a special permit from local authorities.

Russia, which is, to put it mildly, trying to catch up with developed countries in establishing and testing such vehicles, can again overtake the whole world. At least it promised the Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev, speaking at the international legal forum in St. Petersburg.

“That’s unmanned transport here Mr. Waiser (founder and CEO Gett Dave Weiser) said that within 5 years, you need to be sure the regulation appeared. I can tell you firmly — we will try to make in Russia, at least to this regulation appeared in the course of the year,” TASS quoted Dmitry Medvedev.

According to him, to enact appropriate legislation must be “extremely quickly”, as if this sphere is not adjusted, “tomorrow on the streets will not go out-never know who you will drive. A normal car or a drone.”

Today in Russia, tests of unmanned vehicles are carried out at landfills and closed roads. However, this year they will pave the routes to the highway M-11 Moscow — Saint Petersburg and in the area from Kazan to Naberezhnye Chelny on the highway M-7 “Volga”.

Photo: Continental

Cadillac Offers $10,000 to Keep Escalade Leasees out of the Lincoln Navigator

And $7,500 for current Escalade owners

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    Through the first quarter of this year, the Cadillac Escalade has easily been the most popular full-size luxury SUV in the U.S. Not only has it outsold competitors such as the Infiniti QX80 and the Mercedes-Benz GLS, year-to-date sales are also up more than 8 percent. Unfortunately for Cadillac, the redesigned Lincoln Navigator has been getting a lot of attention lately, forcing Cadillac to offer some serious incentives on the Escalade.

    Bloomberg reports that in order to keep customers from considering the Navigator, current Escalade leasees can now get a $10,000 discount on a new one. Escalade owners are also eligible for a $7,500 discount. These incentives are reportedly available nationwide, but the lease deal is only targeted at drivers of 2016 Escalades that will presumably be coming off lease soon.

    Cadillac Offers $10,000 to Keep Escalade Leasees out of the Lincoln Navigator

    Interior of the 2017 Cadillac Escalade

    “GM is trying to keep Escalade buyers out of Navigators, for sure. You’ve got a fresh Navigator and you’ve got an Escalade that is not new and is starting to age,” Jeff Schuster, an analyst at LMC Automotive, told Bloomberg. “GM is willing to forgo a little profit to keep loyalty within the brand, but they’re still making money. The new Navigator has sent a signal to Cadillac that they need to be in front of this and be aggressive.”

    That said, Lincoln still has a long way to go before it dethrones the Escalade. Sales through the first quarter were about half that of the Cadillac, and three other full-size luxury SUVs, including the Land Rover Range Rover, also outsold the Navigator. But March sales were up about 90 percent year-over-year, and first-quarter sales were up about 63 percent. Plus, as we recently reported, the Navigator’s average transaction price of $82,500 is up more than $25,000 in the past year, and dealers can barely keep them on the lot. Navigators typically sit on dealer lots for only 10 days, with six-figure Black Label versions selling in seven days.

    Cadillac Offers $10,000 to Keep Escalade Leasees out of the Lincoln Navigator

    Interior of the 2018 Lincoln Navigator Black Label

    As Schuster mentioned above, Cadillac also has to contend with the fact that the Navigator is much newer than the Escalade. The Navigator went on sale late last year, but the current Escalade has been around since 2014. Even the update it received for the 2016 model year isn’t enough to make the Escalade feel fresh when the Navigator’s cabin now looks and feels so luxurious.

    Considering Cadillac reportedly makes about $20,000 on each Escalade it sells, it makes sense that to try to keep current customers from jumping ship. “This is a particular battle that GM doesn’t want to lose ground in,” Schuster said. “It speaks to the importance of the Escalade.”

    Source: Bloomberg

    The long test of the BMW X3: get used to it (or not?) to the suspension, and consider the costs

    The long test of the BMW X3: get used to it (or not?) to the suspension, and consider the costs

    Together with the prolonged winter ended, and our long-term test BMW X3 c two-liter diesel engine. This means that the time has come to summarize, to draw conclusions, to look at the competition and consider the cost of ownership.

    Immediately start with the main question that occupied me before the start of this test — hard BMW X3 or not? So objectively harsh. Even on 18-inch (though Run Flat) wheels, even without M-suspension even in comfort mode the adaptive dampers. But subjectively — that is, for me is okay!

    Of course, I would not have refused the velvety stroke of the new “five” that without the air suspension rides better than classmates with it, but overall chassis rigidity of the new “X-three” is entirely within the genre. It BMW? BMW. Should BMW to go very softly? As shown in the example 5 and 7— series might, but, in fact, should not. Require perinna smooth from BMW — how to ask VIN Diesel to say higher or Lionel Messi not to score. Most BMW going tougher competitors, and that’s fine. And you either accept the rules of the game, or choose another command.

    Moreover, what about any excruciating discomfort it often X3 is not. On the contrary — in our recent test of the crossovers this particular car lost the only comfort the Audi Q5, air suspension, beating, and “pneumatic” Volvo XC60 and Jaguar F-Pace, which will compete with the X3 for the driving pleasure, but frankly loses him in driving comfort. And since we’re talking about competitors, let’s look at them more closely!

    Why such diversity continues to sink in X3? Well, look: I close in spirit to the balance of its chassis (although there is something to correct). I like the interiors BMW — clear, easy and logical. Gambling like its handling, even in the discipline of “x-third” and inferior to the Porsche Macan. But the price of “makan” only start with three and a half million rubles, and with the comfort he so yourself.

    With two-liter petrol engine X3, of course, to impress the dynamics of the acceleration (8 seconds from zero to 100 km/h) only the person moved with the River, but to move at the pace of the flow and, if desired, even much faster — no problem. And if you need a car quickly — look at the 249-strong xDrive30i, which goes to hundreds of hot Halchevsky 6.3 seconds and only costs 300 thousand more.

    I dynamics diesel X3 enough for the eyes. Especially when you then see on the display of the onboard computer funny figures of fuel consumption of between 8.7 and 9 liters of diesel fuel in the city. Over the last two weeks of the test the appetite of the car has grown slightly — but only because of late frosts and idle in traffic and on the set. On the track, by the way, the consumption falls to the completely ridiculous indicators like 6-6,5 liters.

    Another reason BMW X3 me closer rivals — its versatility. On weekends it’s a great “family car”, on which in shop to go, and things to the country to drive (the rear seats fold flush with the floor, after which the volume of the trunk grows up to 1.6 cubic meters), and in the journey to take off. And on weekdays (particularly in winter), the crossover turns into a fiery drayvers car for dad. Or mom if she’s fine, too.

    Since we’re talking about practicality, then it’s time to calculate how much it will cost to owning a crossover BMW. As usual, we consider the costs for the Muscovite in the age of 22 years old and with driving experience more than three years which passes in an average of 20,000 kilometers a year. The price of CASCO take the middle market for companies with ratings of A+ or above.

    Costs BMW X3 in the first year of operation (20,000 kilometers)

    CTP | 13 177,6 R.

    Hull | 170 000 RUB.

    Vehicle tax | 14 250 p.

    | 20 600 p

    Fuel | 72 900 p.

    Total | 290 927,6 R.

    Kilometer (only fuel) | the 3.6 R.

    Kilometer (taking into account all expenses, including Insurance) | 14,5 R. Kilometer (taking into account all costs, apart from Insurance) | 6,04 R.

    The service interval from BMW not regulated — the machine itself tells you when it’s time to go, but it usually occurs every 10 to 12 thousand kilometers. That is, the conditional 20 000 km annual mileage the owner will have to visit at least-1 (20 600 rubles for the replacement of oil, oil filter and diagnostics) or more and-2 (23 900 rubles — added replacement air filter).

    Excluding the cost of CASCO, contents BMW X3 will cost the owner quite sane money — even a little cheaper than, for example, the Mazda CX-9, which was in our test before. And the total amount looks alarming against the price of the test car — 3,6 million rubles.

    Recently I said that, choosing a great crossover for the family, I would carefully watched in the direction of the Mazda CX-9 is spacious, beautiful and nice to drive car. But the seven-seater the car I don’t need yet, and almost for the same money goes, you can take the car a little smaller, but of the higher class. In this case, the ideology professed by the BMW X3, will be most close to my character among all the competitors. /m

    Background: Matthias Müller

    ‘He smells like Porsche’


    On Friday, Herbert Diess was appointed as CEO of Volkswagen AG. His predecessor likes to step aside. A look back at the career of Matthias Müller explains that willingness.

    When Martin Winterkorn stumbles over his own feet and Dieselgate in 2015, his chairman hammer at Volkswagen AG is taken over by Porsche CEO Matthias Müller. He is awaiting the heavy task of pulling the defiled brand out of the mud. That turns out to be a debilitating job; where he always seemed so relaxed and tidy at Porsche, Müller, as CEO of Volkswagen AG, sooner and quickly gets annoyed.

    Matthias Müller was born in Chemnitz in 1953, which was renamed Karl-Marx-Stadt a month earlier. He does not become a real ‘Ossie’, because two years later the family flees the GDR to settle in Ingolstadt. The young Müller follows a practical training course at the bank of Audi NSU-Auto Union to study informatics in Munich. With that diploma in his pocket, he returns to Audi in 1978, where he quickly rises to become a manager in the computer department. In the mid-nineties we find Matthias Müller as product manager Audi A3 and he does well, because a little later he plans all Audi models under his wing.

    Although he has not consciously lived through his DDR years, he is being formed by it, Müller once said to the German newspaper Die Welt. Self-determination and democracy were core values ​​in our family and that later determined my way of management. Only when I offer my employees as much room for self-development as possible, the creativity and productivity of each individual is optimally in favor of our business success.

    Müller may be a manager at top level, he is also a real car enthusiast. He does not have that strange, because his father is the leader of the DKW racing team and later the boss of the East German circuit Sachsenring. When he starts at Porsche in 2010, Müller orders a 911 Turbo S as an official car. In the Mille Miglia he appears at the start behind the wheel of a 550 RS. It is therefore here at Porsche that Muller seems to be the best in his skin. Müller smells like Porsche, he is lowered and has broad ties, says the chairman of Uwe Hück’s supervisory board in those days about the new CEO.

    Müller does well at Porsche in his five short years. Perhaps too well, because his performance is not escaped by the family patriarch Ferdinand Piëch. He therefore wants to replace the CEO of Volkswagen AG by Müller in April 2015. He does not succeed. In fact, it is Piëch who, perhaps for the first time in his long, successful life, draws the short straw. Winterkorn survives the dagger that his former patron in his back tries to stab, but five months later he falls forward in that other knife we ​​now know under the name Dieselgate. Müller has to leave his beloved Züffenhausen to still take charge of the wound-licking VW group.

    It is perhaps the most difficult years in the history of Volkswagen that Müller holds sway. Time after time he has to go through the dust, one accusation follows the other and the top managers are queued up in front of his office to hand in their belongings. The electrification of the brands is pushed upwards on the agenda and within that strategy the choice of the electrically-minded Herbert Diess as Müller’s successor is logical.