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Pagani Zonda turned into an art car

Pagani Zonda turned into an art car

Turin Foglizzo factory specializing in leather, have presented the art car Pagani Zonda. The car body is hand painted by Saudi artist Shalimar Sharbatly and is intended to demonstrate a wide range of colors available for customers Foglizzo.

For each part of the body Sharbatli used a variety of colors. Ahead is dominated by the combination of blue and green with small splashes of purple, driver side — more cool shades, the passenger warm. In the rear are mixed, all the previously used colors.

Your work Sharbatli calls “Moving art”: she takes everyday objects and paints them to create in the viewer a certain mood. Previously the artist painted a Porsche, which was exhibited in the Louvre.

The production of Pagani Zonda has been discontinued in 2013, but the company still produces luxury cars on special orders. The last special version of the model was the machine called No.33. Ordered one of the customers of the Russian tuning Studio TopCar.

Supercar, made in the style of Zonda HP Barchetta will get streaked body of carbon fiber, decorative elements of interior carbon fiber and wood.

SUV Dodge Durango Pursuit will serve as a police

dodge durango

dodge durango pursuit

SUV Dodge Durango Pursuit will serve as a police

Leonid Popov 2 days ago. Photo: Dodge

Police Charger with the “eight” available optional all-wheel drive, and crossover Durango Pursuit AWD is already the default. Confident off-road driver of the Durango should give a two-stage transfer case with low range and ground clearance is 206 mm.

The Americans have brought to market a new model — Dodge Durango Pursuit. Oddly enough, for the version with a resounding prefix to the name of “persecution” was chosen as a relatively modest 5.7 V8 motor (365 HP, 529 N•m, plus eight-speed automatic), and not available to the top version of the Durango SRT V8 6.4 481 power. However, in the previously presented sedan Dodge Charger Pursuit base is the 3.6 V6 engine (296 HP, 353 N•m), and “eight” 5.7 (375 HP, 536 N•m) for it option. And for comparison it is worth remembering pickup Ford F-150 Police Responder, which works just “turborestore” 3.5 380 “horses” and 637 N•m.

SUV Dodge Durango Pursuit will serve as a police

Probably the unit 5.7 the company considered the Golden mean between power and efficiency. Latest for daily patrol work is also an important factor. The Durango SUV with all-wheel drive and the engine consumes 5.7 on the highway and 10.7 l/100 km and the V8 from 6.4 to 12.4 L.

In addition to posting under external searchlight and other specific roles for the police detail, the Durango Pursuit differs from the original Durango R/T is a generator of increased power and enhanced starter battery. So in sub-zero temperatures gives a inrush current 800 A 700 vs And the source. Another added here, more efficient water pump and improved cooling of the engine oil. Strengthened and brake system. It provides a car stop from a speed of 60 mph (97 km/h) at a distance of 40.8 m.

SUV Dodge Durango Pursuit will serve as a police

For police car almost more important than pure power — reliability, durability and strategically placed special equipment (here shown Charger Pursuit).

“Three-zone climate enjoy your police dog,” the touted advantages of the model its authors. People also appreciate a standard trailer stabilization system and a record for the segment towing weight in 3266 kg and a respectable wheelbase (3045), which gives stability on high-speed straights and the ideal static weight distribution of 50:50, favourable for handling. The manufacturer indicates that Durango Pursuit will be available to order police departments to a limited time.

UMW Toyota offering RM3.5k rebate in Raya campaign

UMW Toyota offering RM3.5k rebate in Raya campaign

In conjunction with the month of Ramadan, UMW Toyota Motor is offering cash rebates for the Toyota Vios, Innova, Avanza, Sienta, Hilux, Fortuner, Camry and Corolla Altis in the month of May.

Cash rebates up to RM3,500 and duit raya worth RM500 will be given for selected models (see table below for full details). The Jalan Cerita – Ramadan Bersama Toyota campaign, which runs until May 31, also includes free service vouchers or free accessories packages.

UMW Toyota offering RM3.5k rebate in Raya campaign

Customers who require a financing plan may also check out Toyota Capital services offers such as the Toyota 2-Tier Plan – which offers lower monthly instalments for graduates – and the Toyota Drive financing plan, the first of its kind where customers can save more.

Each purchase comes with a five-year unlimited mileage warranty (five-year or 150,000 km for the Hilux), which can be transferred to the next owner.

For a full list of equipment and specifications of your desired Toyota model, head over to

We Show You The Rest of the Techno Classica Show

Essen, Germany…

By now you have all seen my photos of the BMW Classic hall at the Techno Classica. Here are some of the cars that I found interesting at the show. Personally, I think you could spend two days at this show and NOT see it all. That says a lot! IF anyone is planning on visiting this show… I would recommend you to visit it over a day or two or three.

I saw several e28 M5’s selling for over 100K euros. Plenty of VW window buses for over 110K. One guy had three super clean, low mileage e30M3’s in the 80K to 90K range. One was a real M3 vert too! The guy with the brand new e92 GTS with almost zero miles was amazing and insane at the same time. Small micro cars like Isetta’s and Messerschmitts are going above the 30K euro rage now. Z8’s and Z1’s also seem to be climbing in value too. I just LOVE walking around this show bc there are so many diverse and bizarre cars here. And I didn’t even venture outside where many people bring their used cars to sell at this show. That in itself is another adventure at Essen.

Grab your favorite beverage and get that scroll finger ready. Lets walk thru the Techno Classica show… yeah… I know I took too many pics.


Super realistic paintings of cars. I was very impressed with her work. You can follow Brigitt on Instagram: automotive_artist

New season. New opportunities. Care for your Ford with special conditions

From 1 April 2018 until 30 June 2018, there will be special terms for maintenance of air conditioning and undercarriage of your car. Only now, running diagnostics and checking the air conditioning for only 50% of the regular cost. And check results, in case of malfunction, get extra 15% discount on all spare parts selling, batteries, wipers and elements of conditioning.

New season. New opportunities. Care for your Ford with special conditions

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